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    Parto Tarasheh Lighting Manufacturer Co.

     Parto Tarasheh Lighting Co.(PTC): Was funded in 1997 in the field of manufacturing consumer electronic components such as Power Line Protectors, Lighting Timers, Electronic telephone Bell... Then spreaded its field to General and special purpose Electronic Automation Equipment.On 2007 the company upon his technological science and expriences bases have imigrated to LED Lighting and Solar Power Energy,  Design and manufacturing field as below:

    1. LED Flood, Street, Industrial and special effects LED Lights production.
    2. Electronic LED Drivers (2W ~200W) with High PFC and low THD specification.
    3. Design and development of LED Light Body and fixtures with high thermal conduction and radiation spect.

    4. Solar Lightin Tower and street lights.(PV Panel, Battery Bank, Invertor, Charg controller, LED Ligh)
    5. Solar power Generators for off-grid and grided Line Power sites.(400W~ 20KW).







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